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Le Branding par Design des Restaurants.

These stories do happen through signage, but can also be expressed through the way the bill is presented, the personality and tone of communication, the origins of the food, authenticity of the recipes or signature concoctions that make the space, brand and experience defensible.

Another recent Jump Branding project is the flagship Basil Box location at the Ryerson University Student Learning Centre in Toronto. After spending time in Thailand and Vietnam, Basil Box founder Peter Chiu wanted to adapt Asia’s healthy local food for a western palate by toning down the spice level. Chiu said the design goal for Basil Box was to target urban professionals and millennials with a modern, clean interior that references traditional Southeast Asian materials such as basket weaves (which became a floor-to-ceiling wall feature) and bamboo

Helen Langford, Boston Pizza senior vice-president of foodservices and design, noted the new restaurant prototype features about 50 per cent more screens than the chain’s other locations. Andrew Muller, business development, Louis Interiors Inc., said he’s seeing a trend of straight lines in furniture, especially with banquettes, which are now featuring built-in plugs.

A bright kitchen is increasingly on display front and centre in most modern restaurants today, even if the adjacent dining room is dark and quiet.” “We had to carefully balance keeping all the good stuff that made our brand survive and thrive, while also making it current and vibrant,” explained Sharma. “Everything that comes in contact with the customer has to convey a consistent theme of design and functionality that stays true to Baton Rouge’s history and brand promise,” said Milette, noting the new location features red, burgundy, cognac and copper colours. The incorporation of lighting and colour was part of Baton Rouge’s rejuvenation of their Oakville restaurant, which was highly successful based on customer response, according to Sharma.
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